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Mobile Storage

Mobile Storage Containers in Edmonton

If you are looking for mobile storage in Edmonton, Yellowhead Storage can help! Mobile storage is essentially a delivery-style storage rental. We bring you an 8' x 20' storage container, you fill it with your belongings, and then we come pick it up and store it at our secure storage location. We will bring your belongings back to you for easy access anytime, making this storage option ideal and convenient for those who don't want to drive down to our facilities each time they need to access their belongings. We can deliver storage to anywhere in the Greater Edmonton area, even if it's not the same location you had your belongings moved from! With our storage containers in Edmonton, you enjoy:

  • Competitive pricing

  • Control over when and where you need to access your storage

  • Efficient and timely service

  • Large mobile storage containers in Edmonton (8' x 20')

  • Packing from home, at your leisure

  • State-of-the-art security for your belongings

Storage Access Hours

7 Days a Week (8am - 10pm)

For 24 Hr Access ($50 more per month) Please apply with Legitimate reason - to be reviewed

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for Self Storage Bays

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Delivery Charges Every Time We Move Your Mobile Storage Container:

Mobile storage in Edmonton is ideal for movers who only need one-time delivery and other businesses and individuals with one-time storage needs. However, anyone who wants the convenience of packing and accessing storage from home will love our service! Our metal storage containers in Edmonton are stored unheated outside, and they begin at just $167.00 per month.

Please remember to call our office at least 48 hours before you need access to your unit, so that we can prepare to give you timely delivery. Call us today for convenient mobile storage in Edmonton at amazing rates!

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