Blog 2: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Keep in a Storage Unit

Your storage unit can be a great place to keep everything you don’t have room for at your home or business. But there are some things that you should not leave in self-storage in Edmonton. Whether it’s because you may damage your possessions, endanger the facility, or break the law, here are a few things that you should keep elsewhere.


1. Perishables

Food or drink for humans or animals attracts pests to the facility and creates an unsanitary environment. Canned items and non-perishables are usually okay if they are stored in sturdy plastic.

2. Hazardous Materials
Anything corrosive, flammable, explosive, noxious, or radioactive doesn’t belong in your storage unit. Temperature and humidity changes in your unit don’t provide the best environment for sensitive materials. They can cause serious damage to other items in your unit and pose a liability to the facility.

3. Anything Illegal
No illicit drugs; no stolen goods; no counterfeit money. No matter where it’s stored, you run the risk of legal action against you.

4. Living Things
Plants, animals, and people are not allowed to live in storage units. Don’t leave your plants in your unit while you move. Don’t board your pets in your unit while you go on vacation. And no matter how difficult life becomes, don’t resort to living in your unit, even temporarily. It’s not a good idea to house your business in your storage unit either. You can use it to store extra stock, but don’t turn it into your office; also, don’t manufacture out of your unit.

5. Anything that Smells
Fumes or strong smells permeate your unit quickly and may permanently damage your stored items, especially fabrics. The enclosed space doesn’t allow for proper ventilation for items with strong odours.

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