Blog 1: Storage Auctions: Tumult, Trash, and Treasures

Picture this: You’re at a storage auction. You’ve set a spending limit for yourself, but the bids on the locker you’ve been watching are approaching that limit. The locker looks promising – a few ornate pieces of wood furniture, various plastic bins, and a strongbox just barely visible beneath a dresser.

You’re not sure if anyone else has noticed the strongbox, but there could very well be something valuable inside, so you’re hoping the bidding will level out soon. How likely are you to cave and raise your limit so you can win the auction of this particular locker?

Not All Treasure Is Silver and Gold
The types of things found in storage units are as varied as the people who use them. Even if you don’t hit the mother lode, you can still find many useful and exciting items, including:

  • Furniture & appliances
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Kitchenware & dishes
  • Sports equipment
  • Personal files
  • Electronics
  • Antiques & collectibles

On rare occasions, a locker will contain something more valuable – cash, rare comic books, even cars. A helpful strategy is to bid only on what you can see, and not on the things you hope are there. That way, you’ll always get what you want out of it, and if there’s something more valuable hidden deeper inside, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Everyone’s a Winner
Whether you’re bidding or just there for the spectacle, the suspense of the auction and subsequent access to the storage unit can be a heady experience. There is an element of treasure hunting in never knowing what the contents of the next box will be until you’ve opened it.

Storage auctions can be fun for those not bidding at all, too – spectators enjoy the rush that comes with seeing bidders get a profitable unit or a rare find.

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