Blog 3: 4 Things That Need Extra Protection during Winter Storage

As much as you’d like to simply crawl into a cozy cave for the winter, you should follow the example of the industrious squirrel and get prepared. Pay special attention to your storage. Edmonton’s -15 Celsius winter weather exposes your possessions to the elements and can cause damage.

Get busy protecting your stored property. Here are four items that can be harmed by the cold.

1. Fragile Items

The cold makes glass, plastic, ceramics, and even rubber more brittle and therefore, very fragile. Pack your items up with plenty of padding and space to avoid breakage.

2. Liquids
You already know what happens to liquids in the winter, but did you overlook that snow globe you packed away? Liquid timers, teething rings, and other toys are easy to forget about, but they can freeze, break, and make a mess once they thaw. Either remove liquid items from storage for the winter or store in plastic in case of breakage.

3. Electronics
Most electronics fare well in the winter as long as they are dry. But batteries aren’t quite as resilient. Cold weather drains batteries quickly. Batteries will freeze and become useless at extremely cold temperatures. Remove batteries before storing your electronics.

4. Vehicles
Cold temperatures deplete your car battery. If your car is in storage, expect the battery to be dead by spring. Many of the fluids in your car are made to withstand cold temperatures, but extreme cold can freeze fluids and break reservoirs.

Exposure to cold air also makes your tires go flat. This doesn’t usually cause damage unless they are left flat for a long period. Still, prepare to do some maintenance once spring arrives.

Make the most of your storage unit in the winter. Call Yellowhead at 1-780-455-9242 for storage in Edmonton so you can safely squirrel away your possessions during the cold months.

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