Blog 16: How to Avoid Seeing Your Unit Auctioned on Storage Wars

We love our stuff. It’s why we rent storage units in the first place. We need a place to keep the things we can’t bear to part with, things we are saving for another home, or things we need kept safe while we’re out of town. Some people keep worthless stuff, and that’s okay, too.


Nobody wants to be flipping through the channels and see their unit on TV being put up for auction. Nobody wants to watch the vultures circle, so to speak, while being completely powerless to do anything about it. But the truth of the matter is that people do see their units lost. So, what can you do to prevent yourself from joining their ranks? Here are some ideas – some serious, some, well, not so much.

Don’t Watch TV
Out of sight, out of mind. If you don’t see it, maybe it won’t happen, right? Plus, the movie theatres miss you when you are not there.

Move to Australia
Australia is great. Plenty of hot sun and wildlife. And we hear Storage Wars doesn’t film there, so if you rent a storage unit in Sydney, you won’t be in danger of eventually seeing it on the show!

Read More Horror/Thriller Novels
The more you read, the less you’ll be worried about your unit being auctioned off. What’s an auctioned unit to a psychotic clown hiding under your bed? You’ll soon see that distraction can be almost as powerful a tool as denial.

Eat a Balanced Diet
In all honesty, this probably won’t help you to prevent your unit from being auctioned. But at least you’ll be feeling healthy when complete strangers cart away your belongings!

Take up a Hobby
Taking up a new hobby could earn you some extra cash to pay off your storage bills. Of course, this one could backfire. Depending on the hobby you choose, you may end up needing to store even more stuff (that’s fine with us!) or spend all your money on your hobby and not have enough to pay your storage bills (that’s not so great).

Inexpensive, fun hobbies could include:

  • Juggling
  • Memorizing the dictionary
  • Doing puzzles with Grandma
  • Writing your memoirs
  • Getting a job at a hobby store
  • Riding a hobby horse (if you’re an adult, you probably shouldn’t let people see you doing this)
  • Digging for dinosaur bones in your backyard (who knows, right?)

Take Voice Lessons
Disregard this one if you already have the voice of an angel. If you sing like a strangled cat, however, you could really benefit from lessons. They can help you to become a famous singer, make millions of dollars off your gentle crooning, and buy a mansion where you’ll have enough space to store everything you own!

Learn to Cook
Unless you have a TV in your kitchen, cooking should help you to avoid seeing your unit auctioned away on a show like Storage Wars or Auction Hunters. Boiling corn and slicing radishes sure beats slipping into a deep depression!

Build an Addition on Your House
Building an extra wing to your home will give you plenty of room to store all your extra things. While you’re at it, you should work in a secret passageway for the kids. Kids love that kind of thing.

Okay, so these ideas may or may not work. So how about:

Pay Your Unit Rental Fees on Time
No kidding, right? But actually, a lot of times people will move to a new apartment and won’t notify their storage company of their new address, so the bills end up lost in the mail and they forget to pay them. Enough bills going unpaid means their unit can go up for auction.

Rent with Yellowhead Storage
At Yellowhead Storage in Edmonton, we will always do our best to help you keep your stuff. We send you friendly reminders if you fall behind in your payments, and we’ll let you know if it ever gets to the point where we may have to auction it off. We’re always glad to work with you to get things squared away before it comes to that.

Most people never have to worry about losing their unit. If you don’t yet have a storage unit and want to give it a shot, call us at 1-780-455-9242, and we’ll get you all set up. Just fill it with your stuff, pay your bills on time, and we guarantee you’ll never see its contents auctioned off!

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