Blog 6: How You’ll Reap the Benefits with the Rise of Mobile Storage

Do you own a home or business that needs some quick, convenient on-site storage? Do you own a storage facility with utility lines that prevent you from building as many units as you’d like? There is a solution for both of those problems. You can use mobile storage units!


Why Should You Use Mobile Units?

Mobile storage units provide the same kind of security as stationary storage units, but they offer more convenience to both owners and renters. They can go just about anywhere as long as they remain on the renter’s or owner’s property. Mobile units also come with the following benefits:

Benefits for Facility Owners

  • You won’t have to worry about property restrictions, such as utility lines, irregularly-shaped lots, or a shortage of space. You can simply move the units into the awkward spaces after you have built them, and you can store them very close together. You’ll maximize the space in your storage facility.
  • You’ll make more money because you can rent out more units in addition to the ones that stay on your property.
  • You’ll quickly expand your business. Mobile units are very easy to build, so you’ll quickly have more units to rent out to more customers. Your business will earn more revenue if you include a mobile option.
  • You’ll add quality to your business. These units look and function the same as stationary ones, and they’ll weather the elements just as well. You’ll provide a more convenient option for many of your customers, so you’ll get more business.

Benefits for Renters

  • You’ll have easier access to your belongings. The mobile unit will go right on your property, so you won’t have to drive across town to get into your storage.
  • You can visit your storage unit all of the time, not just during the storage facility’s hours.
  • You won’t have to build your own shed in order to store things on your property. These units will insulate your belongings against cold and moisture, and some of them even have electrical attachments.

People in our culture appreciate convenience, and they appreciate a good deal too. Mobile storage units have become popular because they appeal to both of those cultural elements. You should definitely consider this type of transportable storage when you need an extra place to put tools or paperwork.

Do You Need Mobile Storage Units?
If you’re interested in mobile storage, you can call Yellowhead Storage. We offer all kinds of container rentals, and we’ll even deliver your mobile unit to you. Call us at 1-780-455-9242 to learn more!

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