Blog 12: Basic Feng Shui Tips for Your New Home

Traditional feng shui began as a way of creating peaceful energy in the home and was historically used in spiritually significant buildings or tombs. Modernized feng shui is now being incorporated in the style and design of homes and offices, mainly due to the natural flow and comfort it creates. Even if you are a skeptic about the spiritual beliefs behind it, you might benefit from the functional feng shui design aspects. Follow these basic tips to implement feng shui into your home or apartment and let the relaxation begin:

Natural Flow

You know the feeling you get when you drive down the road and every light turns green and nothing impedes your speed? Imagine that feeling in your home. When you walk into your house, you shouldn't be tripping over shoes, dodging objects or making sudden uncomfortable turns. There should be a natural and easy flow to your home.

Entering and exiting shouldn’t be difficult and each room should be relatively easy to access. Avoid over-cluttering the pathways of your home, making it easy to navigate, even in the dark. If you can’t fit all of your favourite things in your new home, store it; remember that less is more.

Fresh & Light
Nothing makes you more uncomfortable than feeling like you can’t breathe. Keeping an abundance of fresh air and natural light will make your home feel less stuffy or claustrophobic. This can be accomplished by keeping a few live plants in your home. The natural oxygen they give off will help keep the air clean and new. Understandably, you may want to keep the blinds down from time to time. By using light, natural paint colours on your walls and in your decorating, you can add light to your home. Be sure to use soft lighting when choosing light bulbs. Harsh fluorescents have a way of making you feel like you are at the office.

Don’t forget that the fresh and light feeling you want comes from not over-cluttering your home. When you live in a mess, nothing feels fresh or light.

The Yin & Yang of Design
It’s all about balance. Your home must be a balance of calm energy, as well as excitement, because you do more than just sleep in your house. Think about incorporating all of the elements that are naturally found in nature. A house plant for earth, a mirror or picture framed in metal, candles for fire, possibly adding a fountain for water and furniture made of wood.

Your home is your private sanctuary. Take the opportunity of starting fresh with your new home to store old things that are no longer of use to you and design a well-balanced, happy, healthy home. Call Yellowhead Storage anytime, 7 days a week, for information if you need help storing extra furniture or boxes at 1-780-455-9242.

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