Blog 7: Save Space with Afforable Self-Storage Tips

If you’ve ever seen the TV show Hoarders, you know that too much stuff in your home can quickly escalate into a near-avalanche. If you don’t have enough space in your home but just can’t part with some treasured possessions, the best place to put it is in a trustworthy storage unit.

However, you may not be able to afford a large enough storage unit for your needs. In that case, it’s time to get your organization on! Learn how to store your clothes, tools, and kitchen supplies both creatively and effectively with these Pinterest-inspired self-storage tips.

Clothing Clutter
If you’re a clothes-o-holic but your closet is just too small, try out these space-saving organization ideas:

  • Hanging closet organizers.You can find a hanging closet organizer at your local store’s home department. These organizers are divided into sections to hold clothes and shoes. They hang from the ceiling, meaning they use vertical, not horizontal, space.
  • Tubs and baskets.To fit clothes comfortably into closet shelves, use tubs or storage bins. This gives you the freedom of organizing clothes based on need (sweaters, shorts, etc.). Make the closet more aesthetically appealing by choosing colourful, patterned baskets that match the room décor.
  • Use unconventional clothing hangers. If your kids have extra clothes or don’t even have a closet, use a creative structure to hang the clothes on, such as a ladder or a drying rack.

Kitchen Catastrophes
If your kitchen is starting to look like a war zone, use these simple organization tips to save space and breathe easy:

  • Storage containers. Whether it’s to store food or supplies, kitchen storage containers are your best friends. A matching set of various sizes can help you keep things uniform.
  • Drawer trays. Is finding a specific kitchen item starting to seem like a losing battle? Buy or build a drawer with divided compartments for each type of kitchen tool. You’ll never have trouble finding the right measuring cup again!
  • Can organizers. Wired racks are a great method of storing your loose cans so they don’t overcrowd your shelves.

Tool Troubles

If you cringe every time you see your tool bench, it’s time to make it a bit more accessible with these ideas:

  • Wrench rack. Hang your wrenches from a tie or belt rack so you can quickly grab the right size.
  • Tool pincushion. For all your pointy tools (drill bits, screwdrivers, and the like), glue an insulated foam to a plywood base and punch in holes for your tools.
  • Tool cabinet. Instead of throwing your tools in baskets, use a small plywood cabinet with small drawers to store your tools.

What about the Extra Stuff?
Even if you have the best organizational skills in the world, you may still have extra belongings that don’t fit in your home. If that’s the case, opt for an affordable storage unit at Yellowhead Storage in Edmonton. Give us a call at 1-780-455-9242, and we’ll help you select the right size storage unit.

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