Blog 19: 9 Apps That Will Simplify Your Next Move

Moving requires a lot of manpower and preparation. Luckily, you live in the information age and have access to some of the most helpful tools available: moving apps. Moving apps come with all sorts of features. While some apps help you organize your move and plan the route to your new home, others help you find an apartment and figure out how much storage you have left in your self-storage unit.


No matter what kind of moving app you need, browse through the apps mentioned below to find the perfect app to simplify your next move.

Moving Planner (Android)
Successful moving requires one major thing: organization. The Moving Planner app will help you keep organized during every step of your move. This app allows you to create moving checklists so you don’t forget to purchase supplies or shut off and set up utilities. The app comes with a colour-coded interface so you can distinguish which tasks are top priority.

Cost: $0.99

Move Planner (iPhone)
Are you afraid you’ll forget something? The Move Planner app will make sure you don’t. This app comes with a pre-populated list of move tasks, including the following:

  • Make sure you transferred your children’s school records.
  • Make sure you transferred any bank information to your new branch.
  • Make sure you have every item covered by insurance.

The Move Planner app will remind you to dot your i’s and cross your t’s before you move.

Cost: $2.99

Moving Van (iPhone)
Wouldn’t it be nice to have an inventory of each item during your move? The Moving Van app makes that possible. This app allows you to keep an inventory so you don’t have to waste time rummaging through each box when you get to your new location.

You can also export the inventory as a PDF or copy it into an email so you don’t lose it if you lose your phone.

Cost: $1.99

MoveMatch (Android)
If you want to know the weight of your items, use the MoveMatch app. MoveMatch determines the approximate weight of your belongings and will send the information to your local movers. This app also creates a list so the movers know exactly where to drop off the boxes.

Cost: Free

Moving Day (iPhone)
Do you have a labeller? You don’t need one – the Moving Day app has got you covered. Moving Day has a build-in barcode and scanning system that allows you to make labels for each of your boxes. When you unpack, you just have to scan the label to see a list of the objects contained inside.

Cost: Free

Let’s Storage (iPhone)
Do you have multiple self-storage units? Give the Let’s Storage app a try. Let’s Storage helps you estimate the available space in your storage units. Once you know how much space you have left, you can make an accurate assessment of which items you should store there.

Cost: $1.99

Apartment Guide Mobile (iPhone and Android)
You’re planning a move, but where are you going to move to? Use the Apartment Guide Mobile app to find the perfect place for you and your family. This app provides the following information for apartments available in your new area:

  • Property details
  • Floor plans
  • Amenities

If you find an apartment you like, you can save it to your favourites list and get in contact with the property manager.

Cost: Free

Trucker Tools (iPhone)
Once you’ve packed everything into your moving truck, you need to know the best way to get to your destination. Trucker Tools will give you a set of step-by-step directions to get to your new home. Many trucks can’t fit underneath low hanging overpasses, but you won’t have to worry about meeting a low pass. Trucker Tools will navigate the trail and send you on the best route possible.

This app can even locate rest areas, fuel stops, truck stops, and weight scales. It’s a must-have out on the open road.

Cost: Free

Bubble Level (Android)
After you’ve unpacked the last box, you just have to decorate. You need to rearrange furniture, stock bookshelves, and hang pictures. Luckily, Bubble Level is an app that will make hanging pictures a whole lot easier. Bubble Level is a level that works like this:

Hold your phone against the object you want to frame (to make sure the frame is straight)

Secure the object on a flat surface

Bubble Level shows the exact angle and allows you to lock the angle so you hang the frame accurately. Your home will look beautiful in no time.

Cost: Free

Whether you need an app that creates labels, stores inventory lists, provides an accurate level, or offers step-by-step instructions for your move, there are plenty of apps to choose from. Take advantage of the apps available on the market so you can make your next move as hassle- and stress-free as possible.

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